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Rules and Expectations:

  • Practices (times, dates and how often) will be decided by the coach.

  • League games will start the week of  September 17th running until October 21st. Most games will be played on Sundays. There will be a HARD CUTOFF for  sign ups on August 30th.

  • There will be an East/West Volleyball Tournament on October 28th.

  • Possible scrimmages will be held during the week at the discretion of the coach. (These will not be mandatory for players.)

  •  Official rules of play are the “Iowa High School Athletic Association Rules” with some exceptions. Coaches will be given a copy of the rules and the exceptions to these rules.

  • After each game teams will come to the 10’ line and tell each other good job.

  • Teams will be divided into groups based upon their grade level. 3rd and 4th grade players together and 5th and 6th grade players together. 

  • Parent volunteers, coaches or MTYA board members could ref games. If you are interested in refing for games please reach out to a board member.


  • Registration will cost $25 per child. This fee will be used to continue to offer more opportunities for our youth to learn and play more sports and to maintain the current sports offered by the MTYA.

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